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Sep 11, 2012 6:30pm EDT
quote that they say insults the prophet muhammad beyond the insults any depiction of mohamed is forbidden. danish embassies were attacked after a cartoon was published. it's being promoted by pastor terry jones who infamous/burned a koran in 2010. he said the movie is "not designed to attack muslims but to show the destructive ideology of islam." "they have to arrest this priest" this christian protester said while this woman held a sign that said do you want war with muslims much the embassy knew something was brewing after they were sent parts of the film asking their involvement. the ambassador and most of his staff left the complex ahead of the protests. meanwhile, diane, the american consulate in benghazi, libya was also attacked tonight. that incident believed to have
Sep 23, 2012 1:00am EDT
are free game, why in some countries is the prophet mohammed above reproach. and another topic of region, and not the notion of it, but the reality of why it so often turns deadly. a christian, a muslim and a jew walk into our studio for the conversation that is no joke. plus -- >> i think it is a -- >> romney's rough week. secret tapes, disparaging words and sinking polls and pesky taxes, and even the mrs. weighed in. >> this is hard. do you want the try it? >> what republicans are really saying about mitt romney. >> this is a fact, my friend. >> jesse the body and power of the mouth. >> how about you run with me. >> you want me to be the veep? >> pondering a white house run. >> yes! >> but first, let's start with this, tonight, a discussion about the prophet mohammed, and a discussion that will many of you uncomfortable, but why should it? i'm in the united states which prides itself on freedom and the freedom of expression, but yet through the technology of televisi television, people around the world can see this including radical islamists who have attack and murdered people all in
Sep 22, 2012 7:00pm PDT
in a free country is the prophet mohammed beyond reproach? and another hands off topic, religion. not the peaceful notion of it, but the reality of why it's so often turns deadly. a christian, muslim and jew walk into our studio for a conversation that is no joke. >>> i think it's a -- >> romney's rough week. secret tapes, disparaging words, seeking polls and pesky taxes. even the mrs. weighed in. >> what republicans are really saying about mitt romney. and -- >> this is a fact, my friend. >> jesse "the body ". >> how about if you run with me? >> ponder a white house run. yes! but first, we're going to start with this. tonight a discussion about the prophet mohammed, a discussion that will most likely make a lot of you very uncomfortable. but why should it? i'm here in the united states which prides itself on freedom, especially the freedom of expression. yet, through the technology of television, people around the world can see this including radical islamists who in the past few days attacked and murdered people all in the name of prophet mohammed. and to clear, our motive here
Sep 23, 2012 1:00am PDT
the prophet mohammed, a discussion that will most likely make a lot of you very uncomfortable. but why should it? i'm here in the united states which prides itself on freedom, especially the freedom of expression. yet, through the technology of television, people around the world can see this including radical islamists who in the past few days attacked and murdered people all in the name of prophet mohammed. and to clear, our motive here is to educate. that said, one of the big stories this week is about this. it is the new iphone. on this thing you can take pictures and shoot videos and then when are you done, you can tweet it, facebook it or send it right to youtube for the entire world to see. anyone anywhere at any second is capable of broadcasting something insulting. so my point is that can you not stop the march of time. so as i watched the violence overseas, i wondered in what century are though living? then i read william's article on called internet videos will insult your religion. ignore them and get over it. welcome, william. thanks for joining us. it's not just democr
Sep 18, 2012 10:00pm PDT
the 150 fighters in this key sector is abu mohammed. >> abu mohammed is a very, very important character, a member of the aleppo military council. through him brand new ammunition, brand new weapons are being channeled into the rebels. >> narrator: he was asking the fighters to stand firm. (explosion) >> narrator: until eight months ago, he was a captain in the syrian army. >> here is a man who believes we're trying to build a democracy, we're trying to build a free syria. >> narrator: abu mohammed agreed to take ghaith with him as he delivered ammunition to the rebel units. the front line was changing by the minute. >> a street that was under the control of the rebels in the morning can switch sides in the afternoon and the government can take over that street. >> narrator: they began their journey along the rebel front line in the salahuddin neighborhood. >> he's trying to coordinate all these different units, be it islamist, be it jihadis, be it secular, be it village-based unit. the only thing that was connecting all these units was the ammunition delivered by abu mohammed. >> they'v
Sep 13, 2012 11:00am EDT
there is outrage resulting from the video that insults prophet mohammed. and protests in teheran, and cairo and yemen, and this following the attack on the embassy in benghazi in which chris collins and others were killed. and today, protesters stormed the embassy in yemen. three people were wounded when the police opened fire. >>> in cairo, protesters threw molotov cocktails and the police responded with tear gas. and now mohamed morsi is joining the chorus of the world leaders condemning the murder of the ambassador of the united states. >>> in teheran, protests outside of the swiss embassy which represents the u.s. since washington does not have diplomatic relations with iran. and also, american warships and u.s. marines are headed for libya as we speak. just a short while ago we learned identity of one more of the americans who were killed in libya. a person speaking for the family says she glenn doherty of massachusetts. also, political fallout is building in the country over mitt romney's quick attack over president and the way that the american administration handled this
Sep 21, 2012 2:30pm PDT
insults to the prophet mohammed. >> could the gender mix in board rooms cbe said for a shake up? >> no longer just for the military. drones are quickly becoming available technology for consumers. should you be alarmed? pakistan has become home to some of the bloodiest demonstrations against insults to the muslim prophet mohammed. >> 15 people died including a policeman in mass demonstrations against the pakistani government. >> however, in much of the world, protests remained peaceful. our coverage begins with protests at friday prayers in pakistan. >> pakistan's government called for a day of love for the prophet mohammed. crowds gathered across the country showed plenty of that, but many were also keen to demonstrate their hatred of the united states. protesters burned american flags and vented their anger at western nations. saddam is, banks, and cars were torched -- cinemas, banks, and cars were torched. the day of love turned to a day of rage. police used shipping containers to block the entrance to the u.s. embassy, but demonstrators still try to force their way in. they
Aug 31, 2012 9:37pm PDT
. we do have with us this afternoon mohammed nuru, director of d.p.w. mohammed, where are you? [applause] mohammed is going to have to rush out, but he wants to say welcome and thank you. >> good afternoon, everyone. and thank you for inviting the department of public works over here to talk about our contract processes. we are part of the city family and he will not be able to stay for the whole event, but edgar lopez, who is from our department, who actually is involved in many of the projects, the new public safety building, most of the projects in san francisco are actually under his leadership. so he can talk in detail about how they meet many of the goals and what we have coming out. we do have quite a number of projects that are coming out. all those new projects are subject to the 30% local resident hiring. you will see from the information that our department has far exceeded many of those goals that have been sent. we actually track everything and i think the exciting part is that we do have a number of projects that are coming online, and so this hope for work. as i
Sep 13, 2012 6:00pm EDT
the release of the new film entitled innocence of muslims showing the prophet mohammed as a mad man. >> muslim countries organize effective protests so mesh will not have -- so america cannot insult prophet mohammed. >> protestors stormed buildings in yemen and tearing down signs and building american flags. in cairo, police officers using tire gas had to control demonstrators. president obama is ordering increased security around the world. he is expected to provide extra protection for those in libya. libya may have been tied in with the 9/11 anniversary. four americans were killed, including chris stevens and a former navy seal, glenn doughtery. peter king said the libyan government didn't do a good job protecting americans. >> my understanding so far, as i was reaching out this morning, is the government did attempt to protect americans and did not do a good job of it. i think we need to consider our aide there. >> eric holder has said the fbi has opened an investigation into the deaths of the four americans. in london, greg wal cot, fox news. >> since the unrest is spiraling out of contro
Sep 13, 2012 8:00am PDT
gas. and now mohamed morsi is joining the chorus of the world leaders condemning the murder of the ambassador of the united states. >>> in teheran, protests outside of the swiss embassy which represents the u.s. since washington does not have diplomatic relations with iran. and also, american warships and u.s. marines are headed for libya as we speak. just a short while ago we learned identity of one more of the americans who were killed in libya. a person speaking for the family says she glenn dohertyf massachusetts. also, political fallout is building in the country over mitt romney's quick attack over president and the way that the american administration handled this crisis. cnn has reporters right across the globe throughout the middle east and we have handle on every s aspect and angle of this story, and we are life in every location. we will start right now with the anti-u.s. protests in yemen. one important note here sh, ye is a key ally in the fight against al qaeda in the arabian peninsula which has been a massive, massive problem of late. hakeem al wa ssri, is our
Sep 21, 2012 6:00am EDT
two of the most quoted voices on the topics with us onset this morning. pimco ceo mohamed el-erian and stanford professor john taylor. so a pakd lied line up. but first back over to joe for the today's top headlines. >> i was standing over there to pretends i'm -- you know what i think happened, i think he got the iphone 5 and is using their map. >> i think so. there was a tweet that was very funny this morning. they said all of you people waiting for your new iphone 5 to be delivered, bad news is the delivery guys are using those ios 5 maps, too. >> andrew is walking around like -- this is not cnbc, but he's awol. absent without leave, right some have we heard from him? >> no, but what could be fun, why don't we call him like live on air. >> what if he really does pick up and go, what, hello? >> let's call him live on air. >> anyway, here are the headlines that andrew would have read to you. james murdoch is lining up to take direct responsibility for news corp's u.s. twielevisions after a report whether it was fit. the report did clear him of any wrongdoing and eu authoriti
Sep 10, 2012 9:00am PDT
telling us that the children's hospital has been closed by the government. >> some starving. >> mohammed was hit by shrapnel fired from syrian regime mortars. he is quiet, brave, but this hostile isn't equipped for the surgery he immediate. his thigh bone is shattered. the doctors have no choice but to exacerbate her ordeal and send him across the frontlines to the government hospital. hoping perversely that those who hurt him can also heal him. president al assad is history in the minds of locals, but his regime still has the best hospitals where one doctor works during the day before sneaking here to help this rebel hospital in the evening. he tells me in the regime hospitals 50 soldiers have brought in every day, that sometimes doctors mercy kill by injection those they can't treat effectively and if they found he was working in the rebel hospital, they would kill him. >> are you here many. >> akhmed's head has been hit by shrapnel from shelling. his ear almost blown off. they struggle to clean the wound and to find muff anesthetic. at any point the power could cut. still, the doctors
FOX News
Sep 16, 2012 10:00pm PDT
mohammed. >> we are of the view that this is not an expression of hostility in the broadest sense toward the united states or u.s. policy. it is a reaction to this video and it is a hateful video that had nothing to do with the united states. if we all rallied behind the i video pe will make diplomatic mistakes if that's the only reason we are showing up at the embassy to conduct acts of violence. >> he says there are too many coincidences the fact that it was the anniversary of 9-11. in view of ambassador write a protest over the video was hijacked by clusters of extremists the fbi trying to sort it all out. now to gregg palkot of tunisia. >> the word we are getting from u.s. embassy officials is many americans already left tunisia this in response to the state department evacuation order for all nonessential staffers and family. the embassy was calm without force not so we were told today during key moments on friday. islamist protestors and others angry about the anti muslim film scaled the embassy walls and smashed up the case. more shocking is what we found at the american school
Sep 12, 2012 3:00pm EDT
to understand the basis for these protests. . it goes back to the prophet mohammed himself who lived in the seventh century and warned followers against worshipping him. he was just a messenger. he didn't pretend to be divine. the point was to worship god. he was worried about idol worship, about muslims beginning to worship him instead of a la and that led to this. >> do these believes mean that muslims have no images or portrayals of mohammed? there's no way to depict him physically? >> like a lot of things with religion, it's complicated. in the 15th century this high point, there were all these attempts made to depict him, the prophet mohammed somewhat, but to leave out his face. in recent decades, there's been a popular film about ohio mohammed. one of the issues is that for a long time, we didn't really see nonmuslims attempting to portray mohammed. we have seen this in christianity, where for many decades hollywood has been depicting jesus sometimes offensively in films and others in art. but with globalization this is only beginning to be an issue with the muslim world right
Sep 19, 2012 2:30pm PDT
of the prophet mohammed. >> there is already action from the arab league, calling the publication provocative and outrageous. the league has pleaded to muslims not to turn to violence to express their disapproval. >> but france is not counting on the arab league. france says it will close and disease and schools in 20 countries on friday as a precaution. >> extra police have been posted outside the offices of the french magazine that printed the cartoons. the same offices were firebombed last year after a satire on conservative islam was published. the magazine's publisher says he understands the concerns of muslims but not all -- but also defends his right to print what he pleases. >> in france, religion is like a philosophy, so i can make a caricature of muhammed or karl marx. we deal with the news just as other journalists do. these cameras are computers, we use paper and pen. the pen is not a weapon, is just a means of expression. >> the cartoons have brought a lot of readers to charlie hebdo, but it has left the government with a sensitive problem -- defending free speech but appealing t
Sep 13, 2012 4:00pm PDT
dictators does not produce a region that was to be more like the west. he did president mohamed morsi, is doubling condemnation of the film -- egypt's president, mohamed morsi, it is dealing with condemnation of the film and condemnation of the violence. >> we are not -- we are against those acts. >> address have been made in benghazi -- arrests have been made in benghazi. it is not clear whether this was a planned attack. president obama is campaigning for reelection. he condemned the violence. >> i want those around the world to hear me who would do less harm -- no act of terror will go unpunished. it will not deny the life for the values that we boston the light of the values we proudly present to the rest of the world -- it will not dim the light of the volumes that we proudly -- of the values we proudly present to the world. >> somebody made an offensive film, but that does not justify these actions against americans or american embassies. people can demonstrate an express their opinion peacefully -- demonstrate and express their opinion peacefully. >> among the people, america a
Sep 29, 2012 11:00pm EDT
malvoy has talked to the washington post. he was convicted along with john mohammed of the shootings that left ten people fr. prison he tells the newspaper that he remembers each of the sniper shooting details. but it's the linda franklin slaying that haunts him most. he gave the go order and looked across route 50 in 7 corners at the target. mohammed hidden on a hill above pulled the trigger and killed linda franklin who happened to be going about her business at the home depot in virginia at precisely the wrong time. mohammed was executed in november of 2009. malvo, then a teenager, was sentenced to life without chance for parole. he's now 27 years old. i was a monster. that's what he told the washington post reporter. >>> a plane crash leaves two people dead tonight. the plane went down after 5:00 this engineer the shannon airport. it crashed near kerry court. the victims names have not been release. >>> hundreds of homeless dogs scheduled to die are now flying high and headed to loving homes here in the washington area. armando trull has the story. >> reporter: on this flight, th
Sep 13, 2012 10:00pm PDT
. >> might they not be protecting our embassies? 48 hours after the event president mohamed morsi put out the statement: >> man it took him forever to say that. at the same time, mohamed morsi continues and says: >> it is no such thing. we will not put an end to that film, because we have a first amendment here. that would be chalked up as a sad day for you. mohamed morsi, of course knows that, but he's trying to appeal to his right wing base in his country. meanwhile, erin cunningham, the global post senior correspondent in cairo said: >> that's a very good question. matter bradley said they were withdrawn weeks ago. >> the egyptian response, tweet from the muslim botherhood says: that's what they're putting out there. they say muslim brotherhood leaders have called for a nationwide protest in cairo tomorrow against an anti islamic video posted on you tube. calling for more protests in the middle of this mess? that doesn't seem very helpful. our embassy puts out a statement saying hey, thanks, by the way have you checked out your own arabic feeds? i hope you know we read those too, meani
FOX Business
Sep 11, 2012 7:00pm EDT
and mohammed is their messenger. there were warning shots from embassy marine guards, but no injuries reported. the embassy says the situation is fluid. and they are working with egyptian authorities to restore order. embassy spokesperson that the american staff was evacuated from the embassy before the breach. hours later our consulate in eastern libya stormed by armed men who set the building ablaze. the building was evacuated before their attack. the men reportedly angered by a film being produced by u.s.-based coptic christian egyptians. that questions the words of mohammed. president obama before those events in egypt and libya, had made a point of saying that the islamic religion is not america's enemy. >> today, the war in iraq is over. in afghanistan we're training afghan security forces and forging a partnership with the afghan people. by the end of 2014, the longest war in history would be over. i always said our fight is with al qaeda and its affiliates, not with islam or any other religion. lou: the u.s. embassy in cairo apologized to anyone in the region offended by that movie and
Sep 11, 2012 1:30pm PDT
on for a number of years. i have had the privilege with working with mohammed and our city engineers to accomplish this. most importantly with our community leaders and volunteers throughout every part of our neighborhoods. i hope that you do you is your time and take advantage of our wonderful weather to go out and do as many doors as possible of all the -- tours as possible of all the community gardens. we have a committee challenge program, one that i am proud to have headed up when we were at public works but also the city administrator. this program today funds almost $900,000 this year in programs that are all committee pushed. it is attacks checkoff for corporations and individuals. the fund this through the tax system to provide almost $1 million every year and is put into a community-driven process where community leaders will apply on behalf of themselves or their own streets or gardens and they can get grants of up to $100,000 or as small as $5,000. they could be groups that have never done anything except to start talking to each other about how to increase their neighborhoods's intere
Sep 13, 2012 6:00am PDT
, which represents u.s. interests in iran. let's get the latest now from that region. mohammed jamjoon join us. >> about 2,000 to 3,000 protesters that were marching toward the u.s. embassy, many of them aable to get close enough to the main gates. they started scaling the walls. fires were set outside the u.s. embassy compound. i've spoken to a western diplomat there who tells me everyone in the embassy is fine. no word if the staff has been evacuated. just a short while ago, yemeni president issued a statement in which he issued an apology to u.s. president barack obama and the american people for the attack on the embassy today, saying this was unacceptable and ordered yemeni security forces to launch an investigation and prosecute anybody they found involved in this to the full extent of the law. this was quite worrying today. for one reason, the u.s. embassy compound in sanaa is one of the most protected sites. not just in the city of s aanaa, the capital of yemen, but practically in all of the country of yemen. i've been to yemen several times, been to sanaa several times. i've b
Sep 11, 2012 5:30pm PDT
. they're angry over a film they consider insulting to the prophet mohammed. our chief foreign correspondent richard engel is in the region with us tonight from istanbul. what was this about? and was the embassy ever in any real danger? >> reporter: it was never in any real danger, but this could escalate, and the situation remains tense. it all began this afternoon, when several hundred demonstrators gathered in front of the u.s. embassy. then a few dozen of the demonstrators managed to scale the perimeter walls, get inside the embassy, pull down the u.s. flag, replace it with a black islamic flag. then egyptian security forces moved in to secure the perimeter. under the former president, hosni mubarak, this would have been very difficult. protesters wouldn't have been allowed anywhere near the u.s. embassy. today they were able to scribble graffiti on the embassy wall. this was all triggered by a movie, a fringe, radical movie made in the united states that is insulting to islam. and the danger, brian, is in this internet age, even an obscure film like this, could be seen all
Sep 25, 2012 12:00am PDT
>> rose: welcome to the program. to want, a conversation with mohamed morsi, the president of egypt. >> ( translated ): what happened in cairo was not something that was directed, aimed at the u.s. embassy as an attack, however, the u.s. embassy represents a symbol for the egyptians to express their-- they did not accept what happened from some of the citizens of the united states who offended the prophet mohammed-- peace be upon him. there was also somebody who wanted to burn the koran and this is something we do not accept at all. so the demonstrations were an expression of a high level of anger and a rejection of what is happening and the u.s. embassy represents the symbol of america as a people and government so people, the demonstrators, had a loud voice and as a government, it's our responsibility as the government of egypt we protected the embassy. we do not condone any attack against any embassies or any guests. this is a part of our principles and culture and what our religion orders us to do. >> rose: so the united states government and egyptian government are friends, not
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 1,039 (some duplicates have been removed)